Nice clean building. Houses a lot of local office. Can't say to much about it as an office building, since I've only been in a couple rooms.

Matthew S.

I've been looking into this co-working option. No appointment, just showed up, so flexible and easy going staff! Felt valued and welcome.

John E.

Great help

Holly C.

Probably the nicest co working space I ever visited. A quiet office, new furniture, a second monitor waiting for my laptop, my new office away from office. It feels like an executive suite in a nice hotel.

Taymour S.

I had a great experience here. As much as I loved the outdoor seating it did get a little noisy. The co-working space was clean and inviting. Very quiet. Appreciated the snacks and cold beverages.

Jenna D.

Had to take a video call while traveling, popped in here for a day pass. Awesome little co-working place that had everything I needed

Thomas Y.

Ryan B.

Jakob B.

Elliot M.

Tabitha P.