Reimagine Going Into the Office

Join a coworking space in Missoula, MT

Traditional offices aren't the right fit for every business or professional. That's why more and more individuals and teams are joining coworking spaces. Bike & Type is a modern workspace in Missoula, MT. We renovated the Montana Business Center and transformed it into a professional community space with indoor and outdoor areas.

We offer everything from private suites to shared workspace at affordable daily and monthly rates. You'll get all of the amenities of a traditional office, including fiber internet, central mail service, and a professional address at a downtown location . Our breakroom is even filled with beverages and snacks. Let us help you keep your focus on your work not your office.

Private Offices

Get Your Own Office at our professional address.

Virtual Membership

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Find what plan works best for you.

A location where you can thrive

What do you do for a living? Maybe you create digital art or manage a local publication. Our shared office is an ideal workspace for:

  • Artists
  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Small teams
  • Remote workers

No matter what industry you're in or what your goals are, you'll find a place in our community. Call 406-203-4467 now to find out more about our shared workspace.

Become a part of something larger

Bike & Type is more than a building. We're a thriving community of innovators, creators and team members. When you work in our coworking space, you can have as much or as little interaction with others as you want.

Tour our shared office and private offices today.

Pet Friendly

Had to take a video call while traveling, popped in here for a day pass. Awesome little coworking place that had everything I needed

- Thomas Young

Probably the nicest co working space I ever visited. A quiet office, new furniture, a second monitor waiting for my laptop, my new office away from the office. It feels like an executive suite in a nice hotel.

- Taymour Semnani

I had a great experience here. I loved the outdoor seating. The coworking space was clean and inviting. Very quiet. I appreciated the snacks and cold beverages.

- Jenna Davis