Private Offices

The Office Atmosphere Is Available to Anyone

Try out a shared workspace in Missoula, MT

We offer a variety of furnished workspaces in Missoula, MT that are designed to meet your unique needs, including:

  • Counseling rooms, complete with couches, lamps and desks
  • Focus group meeting rooms with one-way glass for observation
  • Presentation rooms with good lighting and advanced technology

We are also offering Conference rooms to rent for only $10 an hour!

You'll get access to all of our amenities and avoid paying full price for internet access, all while choosing how you work. We have an outdoor courtyard, as well as an indoor space. Learn more about our coworking spaces now by calling 406-721-3000.

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Gain access to helpful amenities

Our furnished workspaces have all the features and amenities you need to be productive. That includes:

  • Multiple breakrooms throughout the building
  • Fridges with coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages
  • Tables for eating lunch and various snacks
  • Spacious meeting room
  • Private areas for phone and video calls

We have a furnished workspace at hourly rates that a variey of needs for any business. Whether you sell artwork, provide one-on-one therapy or manage a team, there's a room for you at Bike & Type in Missoula, MT. Visit us today.